Saturday, May 10, 2014

Two benches down, two to go!

Some of you saw Stu's wonderful bench for me that he did in the furniture workshop held by our friends Kathy & Sara. To keep it simple, he bought a new bench at Rotary Market even though we already had three at home to be done.

We have a small one at the top of the stairs where we can dump our bags, backpacks, coats, etc. We have a medium sized one that sits in the hallway (wearing my shawl to give it some color) and we had a large one at the end of the hall.

Well, the large one is now in our guest room since his GORGEOUS bench from the class now sits at the end of the hall.

His next project was the small one at the top of our stairs. Here are the photos of the process. Since it's always covered with STUFF we opted for no decoration since it would always be hidden.

When we first bought it, back in January
Sanded and priming
Paint touch up left to do
All painted!
Adding hooks on the sides to hang things
Back in place - perfect size, colors and functional

Now on to the hallway bench...

Now I can have my shawl back!
Sanding started
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