Saturday, May 17, 2014

More MUNDANE things and more FRIENDS!

As we headed to the bus stop yesterday, we saw the local dog walker. He does an amazing job with his variety of pups. We've seen him with a wide variety of dogs, the first time he had four Siberian Husky pups!

On our way to meet folks for lunch we had time to spare so stopped in a little artisan shop, one we had been in before. The wife runs it and her husband is the artist. There is something for everyone there...we bought this gorgeous plate, all set for hanging. The name of the shop is Cerámica Galaxcy and it's on Calle Large 5-42 y 5-44. She is delightful, speaks very slowly to help us understand, told us that touristas were her main business. We were still early for lunch so I waited for our friends to arrive and Stu walked down to Nucallata for more dark coffee beans.

Lunch was where we met two more folks, Tom and Mark, on their second exploratory visit to Cuenca. I think they are pretty close to making the leap into early retirement! We met at a little spot we hadn't tried before, Elias Restaurante and Bar. They serve a mix of Latin, Cuban and Carribean food. Everything was delicious!!! Tom brought his MacBook Pro for me to take a look at. Can't wait to finally get mine.... This is just some of the food, I forgot to take photos of the soups. We will go back, delicious!

We also had another wonderful encounter while in El Centro, think this was on Wednesday. On our last trip here, I bought a little copper hummingbird as a souvenir. The artisan was a true craftsman but it took him calling on a friend who then went a got a local high school boy to translator before we could conclude the sale. This time the friend came by just as we were leaving, we had managed just fine. He was so proud, and rightly so, of his work and now he is working in silver as well as copper.

I bought another little humming bird to sit by my desk...he carefully wrapped it, put it in a little box and then ran to the back to get me a little gift bag for it! The final straw was when he ran across the street to tell us that we needed to go to the corner for the bus, after he watched it pass us by. True gentleman...we will revisit often. Now I know where it is! The artisan is Marco Machado and his shop is AHUACUNA Tejieno en el Camino, Juan Montalvo 7-86 y Sucre

This was the hummingbird we bought a year ago...hard to see the colors though.

These are from this visit...

It's been a great week...and the week isn't over yet! We are meeting Tom & Mark again tomorrow at Popacuchu, our favorite spot to introduce to new folks.
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