Sunday, January 12, 2014

Indurama Appliances - made in Cuenca

Both our used refrigerator (if you can call one month old, used) and our brand new stove are made by Indurama, a Cuenca based appliance manufacturer. They come highly recommended and after using them each for a month, we are thrilled with them.

The stove is REALLY sweet, in fact Stu wishes he could bring it back to the US with him. It's a six burner gas stove with an electric starter button (see the * in the second photo) that works wonderfully. It also has a grill that can sit on top of the two center burners and he has already used it for bacon. We both like the glass top for extra counter space if needed. Nice add!

The refrigerator isn't huge but since we shop once or twice a week for fresh fruits and veggies, we don't need huge. The one downside is here the doors are NOT reversible. Really! That was the first thing Stu looked at. We've gotten used to it opening in the wrong direction and fortunately we have a good sized kitchen so it doesn't get in the way.

It also comes with an ice maker. Okay, so it's not automatic but it works quite well. There is a little tray, actually two trays, that flip and pop out these cute little cubes.

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