Monday, January 13, 2014

A little more shopping...

We arranged for our driver and friend, Emilio, to pick us up Friday morning for a half day of shopping. Originally he was going to pick us up at home but he already had an 8 am pickup so we opted to walk to our first stop, Artesa.

We picked up a couple more cereal bowls, some mini bowls and another large serving bowl as well as a couple of little decorative items. Because most of them were on the "primo" racks, we paid more than previous visits but unless we break something, we don't need to go back. ;)

Emilio met us there and once we paid we headed out of town a bit to our first stop, a large contractor supply company - I can't remember their name. Stu picked up a very nice contractor grade 3/8" 18 volt rechargeable drill plus some masonry bits for under $60. I wandered the store and got tickled to see the rat and mouse traps on the wall with the tools. Guess it makes sense...keep your work area free of vermin!

Next a little further out of town to a little store we'd been told about, La Yunta. Sort of an Ecuadorian Cracker Barrel - half store and half restaurant. VERY nice stuff. If we were planning our forever home, I would have been buying furniture. But for here in Ecuador, it was quite pricey. In the USA, not so much (and would have suited our cabin perfectly).I picked up a couple of little things and Stu got some of their granola.

Just outside were some gorgeous flowers and I had to snap some photos!

We drove back into town and hit up the Rotary Mercardo again, getting two more benches and two more side chairs. They didn't have the bench the size of the one we got earlier but that worked out just fine. We got one smaller which is much better for our collecting spot at the top of the stairs and the other was larger and fits the alcove at the end of our hallway. We plan to paint the little one and probably drape coverings on the larger one.

The two side chairs were stained dark and I got orange seats....MUCH better for the kitchen and additional dining table chairs. The light ones will get moved into ours and the main guest bedroom once we get our office chairs next month.

A quick stop at a pottery place where I got two little things and then grocery shopping at Supermaxi. All in all, a great day and a great time spent with Emilio!

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