Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Excitement is in the air!!!

Things are moving along rapidly and in a good way! First, we got notice that our Ecuadorian Visas have been approved. Next week we will call the consulate in Atlanta and schedule our visit to pick up our paperwork.

The other great news is we've found an apartment. Just as in the US, word of mouth is the best way to find a good place. The apartment is bigger than we need at almost 2000 sf but it's perfect. It's in the area that we wanted, close to the river Yanuncay. It's in a private gated community with about 20 families, mostly professional Ecuadorians.

It's a second story apartment, above the American expat woman who told us about the vacancy and introduced us, virtually, to the landlords. It's a 3 bedroom, lots of room for visitors from home. We have a fireplace, gorgeous tile floors, all the bedrooms are carpeted, a HUGE loft area that may become my writing spot and a great room. We hadn't planned on an unfurnished place but this was too good a deal to pass up and the price was perfect!

It's spotless, quiet and in an extremely well built building. Needless to say, we're excited. We had friends visit and take some photos for us. Here's a little peek...they are currently doing some updating and painting.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The countdown continues....

We are on the final leg of our trip back home from Route 66 and I find that my quiet riding time is filled with thoughts and plans for our move to Cuenca. Since our visit we've had friends move out of the area (even out of the country), a few are planning a move to the coast but many have stayed. As anywhere, life changes and we adjust and adapt.

Our countdown is 56 days now and there are a lot of things to still get done. The difficult part isn't getting them done, it's the timing and coordination of so many intertwining issues. When to turn off our cell phones? How will we communicate from that point till we arrive in Ecuador? Do we put utilities on vacation mode or turn them off completely? When to winterize the RV and truck? Just to name a few things...

I also have to worry about the other end, making sure our hotel is set for our first overnight in Guayaquil as well as transportation to the hotel after midnight. Oh, and arrange for our transport from the hotel to Cuenca 3-4 hr drive) with an English speaking driver with room for all our luggage.

Then there is the packing made a little more complex because we 1) are driving to Florida so need clothes for that trip, 2) are going on a 7 day cruise so need clothes for that trip, and 3) are visiting family for a few days before we fly out. Phew! I'm thinking that I'll pack for the cruise first. Then I'll pull out what I can wear while driving and visiting family, while leaving room to stuff them in a bag just before our flight.

I know it will all come together and I'm trying REALLY HARD to not panic. LOL! Bear with me...

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