Thursday, December 3, 2015

Phew! What a month...

I finally found a few minutes to post about our cruise on our US blog:
November Happenings - Cruising, Flying & Panicking

Most of our time since we've been back has been spent cleaning out what we're not taking back to the states, getting things ready to sell, selling things and packing things!

We are 90-95% packed, hoping the top duffle bag contents will fit in one High Sierra bag and all our clothes and non-carryon stuff will fit in the other. Otherwise, sigh, we will be one bag over our limit of three free checked bags each. Stu's scuba gear is one, three footlockers and two High Sierra bags make six. Keeping our fingers crossed.

We have barely left the apartment since our arrival, hoping to get out more next week as more and more things that sold are picked up. The biggest things (refrigerator, recliners, one desk & chair, dining set, TV and bed) will be picked up on Dec 27-29. We have booked three nights in a nice hotel in El Centro, making it easier to allow multiple pick up days.

So we continue to move towards our move back to the states. We are meeting with friends as time allows, finalizing what will return with us, AND booking cruises! Yes, 2016 will be the year of cruises. Most are in the Caribbean, allowing Stu to do more scuba diving but we are still taking the Royal Caribbean Vision of the Seas trip from Tampa to Barcelona. From there, we booked a back to back (B2B) cruise on the same ship to Italy, stopping in several ports including Rome and ending in Venice. Excited!

Ciao for now!
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