Saturday, November 30, 2013

Getting closer to our flight!

We've had a great time with friends, enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner here in FL. We all ate too much, watched some good TV and just chatted about everything and nothing.

We don't do Black Friday shopping but I needed to pick up a prescription at the local Walmart and wanted to try to get the new Garth Brooks CD/DVD set, "Blame It All On My Roots". We also needed to visit a bank and the post office. So around 1 pm on Friday we headed out...well, I guess here in "seniorland" everyone was napping because there were no crowds. We got all our errands done and back to the house without a hitch. Oh yeah, got my Garth set - they had plenty. (Stu is happily ripping them to his computer now.)

Now we're getting ready to head out on our cruise tomorrow. We won't be checking in so things will be quiet until a week from Sun/Mon. On our return, we then travel to the east coast to visit family for a few days before renting a large SUV and heading to Miami for our flight to Ecuador.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy day one, finally on the road!

Well, we are finally on the road...moving towards our goal of living in Ecuador. The day was busy with winterizing the RV and general clean-up of the rig. We wanted to leave everything clean and shiny inside but also had to leave it with all the slides pulled in. No major hassles, just time...

The truck is loaded to the gills - all the footlockers are in the back, protected from the elements with a tarp. The back seat has all the regular luggage and the a few bags filled with last minute items. No seeing out the back window!

We finally pulled out of our driveway a little after three PM when a couple miles down the road I remembered that I hadn't cleaned out some of the food stuff in cabinets. Gulp....well, better than being in Georgia or Florida when I remembered. So we quickly turned around, opened the slides enough to get to the cabinets and pulled out the crackers, nuts, sugar, peanut butter and rice mix. Most went to our neighbors who were also the recipients of everything in our freezer.

So, back on the road at 3:30, the weather forecast was calling for rain and sleet tonight. No matter whether we drove to Chattanooga, Cookeville or Crossville - the weather was determined to accompany us. We opted to head to Crossville where we would grab a late lunch-early dinner at Cracker Barrel and grab a room at the Best Western close by.

Good thing...before we got to Crossville it was raining, then sleeting, then as we pulled into Cracker Barrel - IT WAS SNOWING! It had turned back into freezing rain by the time we pulled out and we were doubly glad we'd gotten a room for the night when we drove over I-40, headlights for as far as you could see. Obviously an accident or maybe just treacherous roads to the west.

So now we're all snugged into our hotel room, heat on high, coffee at the ready and the only issue is the fact that, even after bringing in two different bags for me, I still don't have the one with my toiletries. Yup, in a third bag. LOL! Oh well, we'll sort it all out tomorrow night.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

All packed.....

...but not sure where everything is. LOL! We had to pack for 1) the drive to FL & staying with friends until Sunday, 2) our 7 day cruise and 3) 3 days of visiting family before 4) we fly to EC. The only thing either of us is sure of is having our cruise stuff packed and at the ready. Needless to say, once we get to the last 3 days, we'll be doing some unpacking/repacking to square things away.

Are we excited? Absolutely - both for the cruise and the move. But to be perfectly honest, I'm most excited about getting my new iPad Mini on Wednesday when we arrive at our friend's house. WOOT! So the truck is loaded to the gills, the refrigerator is empty and tomorrow we'll do our final things - last minute cleaning and checking for missed items, putting out mouse bait and winterizing the RV. We'll move our Freightliner truck under the pavilion with the RV, close our gate and head south. Good thing, they're forecasting sleet and snow later tomorrow!

In other news, we have managed to find a great deal on a couple more used items for our apartment:
  1. refrigerator
  2. 40" HD TV with custom table
  3. microwave/toaster/vacuum
Life is good! We won't be blogging much in the next two weeks so bear with us and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Soon to be on our way!

Our To Do lists are shrinking...we've seen a local attorney and gotten our wills updated, filled out and had our Five Wishes notarized (Don't know what that is? You should, everyone should!) All the vehicles are ready to store, insurance has been notified, etc, etc, etc....

We're 90% packed, down to Stu's getting the last of his clothes out (after the last load of laundry). Coming to Ecuador will be 5 Sterilite footlockers, large bag with Stu's scuba gear, two large suitcases, two carry-ons and us. Phew! In addition, we have two additional bags with cruise gear which we hope to move into one of the trunks when we get back from our cruise.

We got news that our mattresses were delivered, nice to be able to make friends and work from a distance. We've looked at a couple other sales but nothing has really clicked. The good thing is we're not in any rush. We have a completely furnished apartment until Jan 12th. That gives us a month to get the rest of what we minimally need.

  • Refrigerator - not looking at a big side by side, just a step up from basic will do fine.
  • Stove - must have an oven! Most are 6 burner so that will be a treat, unless we find a good 4 burner.
  • Living room sofa and tables
  • Dining room set
  • Queen bed frame for our bedroom
  • Two nightstands
We continue to watch the used ads online and know we'll do just fine once we're there. Heck, we already have something to sleep on!

On a side note, I'm thinking about adding a couple of tabs with the most commonly asked questions about our move and Ecuador. Got anything you'd like to see there?

Monday, November 18, 2013

24 DAYS!!!!!

Things are moving along and I'm trying to NOT PANIC! We have ONE WEEK to get everything done and start our trek southward. I keep thinking of things to add to our To Do Lists and yet not much is coming off. Hopefully that will change in the next couple of days.

One major hurdle is done...we picked up our Pensioner Visas Friday at the Ecuadorian Consulate in Atlanta. It was painless...walked in, filled out our information forms, handed over our passports, documentation letters, photos and cash. About 90 minutes of wait time and we were done! What a pleasant experience and the staff in the Atlanta office were wonderful to work with. Kudos to Maite Duran and her staff for doing such a great job of facilitation for us.

When we arrive in Ecuador we still have to register the Visas and then we can apply for our cedulas, sort of a National ID card. The cedula will allow me to qualify for 50% fares on the buses and local airlines as well as get some of the taxes I pay rebated. Not bad!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Getting closer!

It's been a busy week as we both plow through our To Do lists. For once, they seem to be shrinking rather than growing. We've pinned down the router we need, made an appointment with a local attorney to get our wills redone here in Tennessee, arranged for a shipping company so we can order small items and have them shipped to us in Ecuador and much, much more.

Every day I watch Gringo Tree and Gringo Post for buys on furniture and appliances. We lucked into two queen mattresses, one is a month old, the other is eight months old. We got them both for less than we had budgeted for one!

Stu's vest from Scottevest arrived and it fits him perfectly! He also got the storage box for his Go Pro Hero camera and the HDMI cables we'll need to hook up our new router and Roku 3 box.

A lot of folks have told us that they have recently used the Sterilite foot lockers like we bought so we are now thinking about going back to that plan, and carrying the fold-up rolling duffles as a backup (and for muling stuff back on our first US trip. While working through this it's become obvious to me that we're already packing too much stuff (even using space/compression bags)...and Stu hasn't even packed yet. Yipes! We're going to need 8 bags rather than 7, or we have to cull a lot of stuff out. Hmmmm....decisions....will update you on the result.

Not sure if I mentioned it before (so forgive me if I did) - Stu's youngest daughter is expecting her first in early June. Since we bought round trip tickets, knowing the return would be a throw away, he managed to get his changed to June 1st and flying into BWI instead of Miami.

29 days and counting!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Video Overview of Cuenca, Ecuador

Our friend Len Charnoff spends his days taking photos and making videos. This is a nice overview of Cuenca that I wanted to share for those that are interested.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ramping Up or Winding Down?

Actually, I think we are doing both! We are slowly trimming our To Do lists as we prepare for our move. Of course we keep coming up with new things that we think we need to get/bring with us. Hubby dug out our old 22" TV and decided to bring it in his carry-on. We ordered HDMI cables from Amazon (great prices) as well as a carry bag for his Go Pro camera (scuba diving). He took his gear in for a checkup and when he went to pick it up, I went along for a Five Guys dinner fix (yum).

We're both working through paperwork, moving everything possible to e-statements in an attempt to limit our mail. We're making an appointment with a local lawyer this week, getting our wills redone in Tennessee. Next week we hope to make the trek to Atlanta to pick up our Visas as well as visit my youngest and her family.

I got my new Travelon anti-theft purse today. I'm not a large purse person so was happy to find this smaller bag. I can fit all my basic toiletries including clip-on sunglasses, phone, wallet/cards and even my Kindle Fire. It's really sturdy and the security features are amazing! The main zipper locks, it has multiple RFID security pockets for your passport and credit cards and it has a special clamping lock to attach the purse to a chair. It's long enough to wear cross body, which is my preferred style. Oh, the strap has a wire running through it and the main body is protected from slashing as well.

I'm comparing prices for our transport from Guayaquil to Cuenca in a car/truck/van big enough for us and all our luggage. Our new landlord is finishing up some minor repairs and our downstairs neighbor says things are looking good!

We're trying to pin down our router needs and we bought a Roku 3 for media streaming (Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc). We know we will need a VPN and Strong VPN has been highly recommended, we just need to figure out what router will work best.

Last spring/summer I bought a Scottevest on sale and tonight when I checked they had men's on sale so we ordered one for Stu. Lets you securely and safely carry a TON of things in the 22 pockets. Very comfortable, too!

The funniest purchase is a couple pair of sweat pants for lounging around at home. Neither of us have worn them in years but knowing how cool it can be at night even during summer time weather, we both thought it was a good idea. Can't beat $6 sweatpants at Wal-Mart. LOL!

I've packed a few things but put nothing into space bags as yet. I hope to be tackling that this weekend and start to see how much room we're taking up in the bags with what we have already stuck away for the move. There is more to be pulled out of closets and drawers before making the final decision on what goes and what stays.

Stu has been busy changing oil in both trucks and our RV's generator and both motorcycles have had their 20k service and now have Sta-Bil in their gas tanks. He's working on straightening and organizing stuff in the shed while I tackle inside. All liquids have to be gone before we leave since we'll be winterizing the RV and won't be leaving the heat or A/C turned on.

So we have definitely been busy ramping up towards our move (and our cruise) as well as winding down living here in the US. Oh yeah, he called American Airlines today and changed his return flight from our Feb date (that we never planned to use) to a June 1st date and is flying into BWI instead of Miami. This will allow him to be with his youngest for the birth of her firstborn!
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