Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Getting closer!

It's been a busy week as we both plow through our To Do lists. For once, they seem to be shrinking rather than growing. We've pinned down the router we need, made an appointment with a local attorney to get our wills redone here in Tennessee, arranged for a shipping company so we can order small items and have them shipped to us in Ecuador and much, much more.

Every day I watch Gringo Tree and Gringo Post for buys on furniture and appliances. We lucked into two queen mattresses, one is a month old, the other is eight months old. We got them both for less than we had budgeted for one!

Stu's vest from Scottevest arrived and it fits him perfectly! He also got the storage box for his Go Pro Hero camera and the HDMI cables we'll need to hook up our new router and Roku 3 box.

A lot of folks have told us that they have recently used the Sterilite foot lockers like we bought so we are now thinking about going back to that plan, and carrying the fold-up rolling duffles as a backup (and for muling stuff back on our first US trip. While working through this it's become obvious to me that we're already packing too much stuff (even using space/compression bags)...and Stu hasn't even packed yet. Yipes! We're going to need 8 bags rather than 7, or we have to cull a lot of stuff out. Hmmmm....decisions....will update you on the result.

Not sure if I mentioned it before (so forgive me if I did) - Stu's youngest daughter is expecting her first in early June. Since we bought round trip tickets, knowing the return would be a throw away, he managed to get his changed to June 1st and flying into BWI instead of Miami.

29 days and counting!!
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