Friday, November 22, 2013

Soon to be on our way!

Our To Do lists are shrinking...we've seen a local attorney and gotten our wills updated, filled out and had our Five Wishes notarized (Don't know what that is? You should, everyone should!) All the vehicles are ready to store, insurance has been notified, etc, etc, etc....

We're 90% packed, down to Stu's getting the last of his clothes out (after the last load of laundry). Coming to Ecuador will be 5 Sterilite footlockers, large bag with Stu's scuba gear, two large suitcases, two carry-ons and us. Phew! In addition, we have two additional bags with cruise gear which we hope to move into one of the trunks when we get back from our cruise.

We got news that our mattresses were delivered, nice to be able to make friends and work from a distance. We've looked at a couple other sales but nothing has really clicked. The good thing is we're not in any rush. We have a completely furnished apartment until Jan 12th. That gives us a month to get the rest of what we minimally need.

  • Refrigerator - not looking at a big side by side, just a step up from basic will do fine.
  • Stove - must have an oven! Most are 6 burner so that will be a treat, unless we find a good 4 burner.
  • Living room sofa and tables
  • Dining room set
  • Queen bed frame for our bedroom
  • Two nightstands
We continue to watch the used ads online and know we'll do just fine once we're there. Heck, we already have something to sleep on!

On a side note, I'm thinking about adding a couple of tabs with the most commonly asked questions about our move and Ecuador. Got anything you'd like to see there?

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