Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Anti-theft Purses for traveling

I love purses...all kinds, shapes, materials, colors and sizes. I've had many over the years, very large when the kids were young, smaller and leather for professional use, colorful and funky more recently. But with our move here to Ecuador I knew I needed to make a slight change.

Crime here isn't rampant, in fact we feel safer than we do in any large US city. But crime of opportunity is more common than we'd like. We've read all the warnings, we take all the precautions: carry a cheap phone or a throw-away phone, no more then $20 (if more, then split it up into several pockets), use Velcro or difficult to zip pockets, etc.

Stu has to be vigilant about pick-pockets, I have to worry about my purse strap being slashed and stolen. We both know to never leave them where we don't have a hold on them. He keeps his money and ID in secure pockets and I now carry an anti-theft purse.

I was recently browsing Amazon and saw an ad for a purse similar to mine, from the same company. The prices have dropped and if you ever considered getting one, I'd jump before they go back up again. Slash proof with RFID pockets in many, these are wonderful no matter where you live!

Here are some examples:

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