Sunday, January 26, 2014

A quiet Sunday.....

I know some of you wonder what our days are like so here is how our day went today. We slept until we woke, something we do on most days. We sometimes have to set an alarm but normally avoid doing so.

Breakfast was next - high fiber cereal topped with fresh fruit and whole milk (which comes in a cardboard box - remember Parmalat milk a few years back? Well, that is just one of the brands sold here in Ecuador.

Then it was time to sort laundry and call Mr. Wash for pickup. We used him when we visited last year and were thrilled to connect back this time. $5 for a HUGE laundry bag load and $3 delivery charge. Well worth it and much nicer than taking a taxi to the laundromat and back.

Email, web browsing and Facebook followed next along with a few games of Words with Friends. The sun was shining brightly and the breeze coming in the window was heavenly as we sat at the dining room table, joking and sharing what we were reading.

At noon I logged into and managed to get registered for the Writers' Police Academy taking place in September. They allow 200 participants so I wanted to try to register as quickly as possible...and I succeeded! I'm so excited about this conference! It takes place during our annual trip to the US so the timing is perfect.

Once that was done we continued browsing and reading. Around 2 pm we decided to go for a walk before lunch. We stopped in at our downstairs neighbors and asked if she'd like us to walk her new little rescue pup, Chica. Then we headed off to walk the Rio Yanuncay across the street.

Chica behaved very well, especially for a street dog that was recently rescued. We're not sure what mix she is, maybe Poodle-Jack Russell or even Chihuahua-Jack Russell. But she's a sweet little thing!

The walk along the river is always nice but today, with the bright sunshine and warm temperatures, we saw a lot of a activity. A family combining laundry washing with swimming, soccer, fishing, picnics and more.

Back home we fixed a bowl of cantaloupe, pineapple, cherries and strawberries topped with yogurt (very liquidy here, perfect to pour over fruit) for lunch. We played a few more Words with Friends and then settled in to watch the late afternoon storm move in - a nice quiet Sunday.

Yesterday? That was a little busier - here is what I posted on Facebook:
Great day...started at Coffee Tree where we met up with the daughter of a friend and got gifted with a set of silicone tipped tongs ( thank you Nancy), met new friends Sarah Gunter Canez and her husband and were gifted with homemade cinnamon buns as a thank you for a donation we made to Happy Dogs Cuenca.

Walked halfway to our next stop (then took a taxi) where we met an expat who has to leave here and got a great deal on a queen comforter and shams as well as a double bed sheet set.

Then walked to San Sebas for lunch and ran into our friend, Rich D'Amato. Had a great lunch and chatted with friends Karen Kimbler, hubby Randy, their pup Frankie and friends David and Debby (hope I have those names right.)

Then a very crowded ride home on the bus. Time for a nap! is good!

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