Friday, January 17, 2014

Our neighborhood....

I thought it was time to share some photos of our neighborhood. We live inside a gated mini-community with about nine or ten other families. All are Ecuadorian other than us and our downstairs neighbor, Rebecca, who helped us find and get our apartment. There are 8-10 youngsters that we often see out playing on their bikes, ranging in age from just over one to maybe twelve. Great kids, we enjoy practicing our Spanish with them and our neighbors. Here is the photo of our building with our door on the right and Rebecca's on the left. The two downstairs windows are hers and the two upstairs are ours.

There is a new building being built across from us and it's been educational watching the process. You can see the building in this sunset photo I snapped from our window.

Once outside our gate, we are directly across the street from the Yanuncay river which has a wonderful walking trail. Here are some photos taken from a couple of our walks, more in the SmugMug album.

[click each photo for larger images]

And here is one view looking up our street towards some of the surrounding mountains.

Welcome to our neighborhood!


  1. Welcome to Cuenca
    I have enjoyed your RV posts to FB!
    I will run into you someday!

  2. But can you buy a bike and ride it down there...?

    1. Yes you can on both questions. Cuenca is also designating some bike only portions of some roads with more promised in the future. I hope to find a bike suitable for the local terrain soon.

    2. Rod, if you meant motorcycle bike, the answer is also yes although smaller size and cc for the most part. Right now we don't plan on that.

  3. I see you both have jackets on. What do the temps this time of year run?
    Thanks for the photos.

    1. The weather is pretty much the same year round with it being a little cooler in the winter (Jul-Aug) than the summer (now). Remember we are in the middle of the Andes Mountains at over 8000 ft.

      Lows this time of year go down into the mid-upper 40's to mid-upper 50's and the highs rarely reach 80, more commonly in mid-upper 60's to anywhere in the 70s. Layering is the key here, you'll start out with a sweater-sweatshirt-jacket-overshirt, end up taking it off (especially when the sun stays out for several hours) by afternoon and after 3:30-4 when the sun gets lower, you'll often put it back on again.

  4. Looks like Paradise.

    Good Choice!

    Jan and Greg


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