Thursday, January 23, 2014

More El Centro and More Decorating!

We've made a couple more visits to El Centro and especially our favorite spot, Centro Municipal Artesanal or CEMUART for short (also known as Casa de la Mujer). Two stories of artisan market  filled with stalls selling every type of craft typical to Ecuador. We've bought quite a bit there, enjoying watching the artisans at work.

Paintings, framed artwork, jewelry, baskets, hats, knick-knacks, wall hangings and much more. I think we've visited at least twice last year and four times this year. It's hard to walk out without buying something. This is also the one spot where we never haggle, regardless of local traditions, unless we truly feel something is overpriced or if we are buying multiple items in one shop.

We also enjoyed seeing the nativity sets that were created out of entirely recycled materials. One of my favorites was made from parts of a computer, another from all cardboard.

[click any photo for a larger image]

We also find some of the best items on side streets, in the little stores that you never know when they will be open. We did discover that more stores seem to be open on Saturdays than any other day, probably because the local working Ecuadorians are off work and shopping.

So here are some more photos of El Centro, the Casa de la Mujer and our finds!

[click any photo for a larger image]

Every trip into El Centro we find new adventures and lots of photos! Most are taken with my old cell phone so not as good quality as my camera, but better for those spur of the moment pics. LOL! As always, more photos in our Smugmug album.
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