Sunday, May 25, 2014

Perfect day for a walk....

Yesterday was a perfect day for a walk and now that the construction on the new bridge is done, we can walk all the way to Solano, about a mile. We are about in the middle between Solano and Las Americas Avenidas, approximately a mile in either direction from our house.

Stu has been walking this the last couple of days and today I was ready to join him, my "frozen" spots no longer bothering me much. The sun was out, there was a little breeze and we headed off. Stu kept a good pace while I stopped for flower sniffing and photos.

The river was running rapidly but that didn't stop a lady from doing her laundry. There were families in spots here and there, relaxing, fishing, cooking and "spooning". Lots of bicycles enjoying the trail as well as dog walkers.

About 2/3 of the way to Solano there is a park with exercise equipment for all ages. Stu made the rounds while he waited for me to catch up to finish trekking to Solano. On the way back I took even more photos and he continued walking past the house till he saw me coming and turned around. NICE 45 minute walk on a beautiful day...only downside is when we got home we really thought about how nice it would be to have an outside terrace or balcony. Hmmmm.....

Here are some of the photos - click to enlarge and see all 90+ in our SmugMug album.

Till next time...Ciao!


  1. You are really an excellent photographer. What makes the mist appear around the people at that one pond? Very interesting picture. Either that or my eyes are foggy... no, not Froggi. Lol. I sure enjoyed todays blog. Thanks!

    1. That was smoke from the fire they were building to cook....spending the afternoon at the park on weekends is such a big family event!

  2. Sounds like a lovely day! It's fun to see different flora.

    1. The flowers here are amazing...wild orchids, blooming trees and bushes as well, all year round!


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