Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Local photos from our walk

I promised you some of the photos we took on our most recent walk to Popacuchu and here they are!

Yanuncay River running high and fast after days of rain
You can see the water line (mashed grass) from the night before
Little cafe around the corner from us, always clean looking. Will try it soon.
Their baños (bathrooms) have a little boy or girl doll on the door.
Beautiful hibiscus flower - they bloom year round here.
We pass several automotive shops on our walk. This one is set back but always has something interesting like this Studebaker.
This little girl was sitting outside and I asked if I could take her photo. She nodded yes but still wouldn't smile, SO serious!
A little less shy, she posed a bit. I always carry some Werther's Toffee candy with me (individually wrapped) just for times like this. When I offered it to her as we left, I got a smile as she tore into it.
That's is for today. Ciao!


  1. Beautiful portrait of the little girl - smiles not always needed!! I like pictures that capture a sense of emotion.

  2. Great pictures. I am glad you are always willing to share. Thanks.

  3. Love the photos, Donna--especially of the little girl. Saw the Yanuncay yesterday, and it was REALLY high and REALLY fast.


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