Tuesday, May 20, 2014

First Cuenca doctor visit....Dermatologist

Our health has been good so we haven't taken time to make any doctor appointments although we have chosen a primary care physician for when that day comes. His name is Dr. Anthony Guillen and he speaks excellent English, with a New York accent (according to the expats that have used him).

But due to 30 years spent living in Florida with over 20 of those in pre-sunscreen years, I have a few spots that needed looking at. I've had several excisions, biopsies and freezings done in the past few years so was pleased to find a dermatologist here in Cuenca who came recommended AND speaks English.

Today was my appointment and I arrived about 10 minutes early. His office is at the Hospital Santa Inés, a quick $2 taxi ride from our house. A beautiful facility, I walked to up to the reception and asked directions. I even understood them - well, except for the part about going up the stairs so when I got to the end of the hallway, I had to ask again. There is a nice waiting area, a huge pharmacy as you enter, a small cafeteria and everything is clean and neat.

I quickly found Dr. Abrosi's office and sat in the chairs outside with the others already waiting. He arrived promptly at ten, unlocked and called in the first patient.

Shortly after he called in the second patient, a young lady came and collected me to register. I had missed that step...LOL! She asked for my cedula and contact information (I have that pre-printed on a card). I registered and pre-paid, $30 for the consult.

Back to the chairs to wait, I was the next called in. Dr. Ambrosi remembered I spoke English and had emailed him. We sat down and he asked several medical history questions before proceeding with the exam which was extremely thorough, he didn't miss a spot - even checking between my toes!

End result, I go back on Thursday to get my spots frozen. All are benign but this insures they won't turn cancerous. They do this on Thursdays and Saturdays in the building across the street. That visit should run about $20.

I definitely recommend Dr. Ambrosi for anyone needed attention from a dermatologist. He is cautious, caring and will answer your questions clearly.

Dr. Juan Ambrosi, Dermatologist
Clínica - Hospital Santa Inés
Consultorio: 106
Horario de atención: Previa cita
Dirección: Av. Daniel Córdova y Agustín Cueva
Teléfono del consultorio: (593 7) 2827888 ext. 2106
Teléfono celular: 099 925 2657
email: jjambrosi @ hotmail.com
UPDATE: Today I went to get the spots frozen. At this clinic you sign in and get a number. If you are way down on the list, like I was (#25), you can leave and come back. Or you can stay and wait, which is what I did. I brought my Kindle reader to keep me busy for the 90 minute wait. The doctor sprayed all the spots while the three attendents listened to him talking about my Route 66 motorcycle trip. What a hoot! Done in ten minutes and the charge? Nothing, zero, zilch....
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