Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jewelry I've bought

I haven't bought a lot of jewelry but wanted to post about what I have bought, for those interested.

The first piece is made out of Tagua nut, it's the South American Ivory even though it's actually a vegetable. You will see necklaces, pendants, earrings in the jewelry line as well as a wide variety of carvings. I bought this last April/May from a gal selling inside San Sebas restaurant (they are too busy now to hose this type of event but I enjoyed browsing her goods).

I also bought my first Saguaro beaded bracelet from the same gal. Here is a close-up view. I think I spent $12 for both pieces.

The next two (actually three) pieces were bought from Saguaro ladies, one at the Casa de la Mujer artisan shop and one at the big celebration at Otorongo Plaza last month. I love them both, I have a hard time resisting these pieces.  I even had one converted into a hatband! Each necklace was $12 and it cost me an additional $3 for the adaptation to a hatband (made it longer and adjustable). I also bought a beaded hummingbird from the Otorongo vendor, they were asking $5 for it. I got the hummingbird and this necklace for $15. I rarely negotiate with artisans unless buying more than one item.

Another one bought recently, fell in love with it at the same Saguargo vendor in Casa de la Mujer (upstairs, towards the front). I think it as $5 or $6...

This one was bought from a street vendor while wandering around. I really don't remember where in Cuenca nor how much I spent but I am sure it wasn't more then $15.

This piece I picked up at what is nicknamed the Hippie Market. A couple dozen vendors sell mostly jewelry, most of it the same, but I found one piece I really liked. It appears to be made of mother of pearl, but one side seems to have been inlaid with a mosaic of multi-colored pieces. Very unique and he made me a lace that is adjustable.

When we were at the Hippie Market, I saw a necklace made of some type of seeds (or bean) and fell in love with the bright orange/red color. But I didn't ask the price, suspecting it was more than I wanted to pay. By the time I got home I realized I really wanted it and decided to go back and see how much it was. I was willing to pay up to $15. Imagine my surprise when it was only $5! So happy....

Next I will be looking at earrings, there has to be something I like out there! LOL!
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