Monday, May 12, 2014

Friends, Food, Pastries and Popacuchu

As most of you already know, I'm pretty open here on the Internet and that especially applies to Facebook. I rarely turn down a friend request unless we have no obvious mutual interests or friends.

This means I have a lot of "friends" on Facebook that are researching Ecuador. Some come for a visit, others take the leap and move here. One of our favorite meeting spots is Popacuchu since we get to show off their amazing pastries with the added bonus of it being close to the house (a one mile walk).

Our latest meet 'n greet were with new expats, George and Chad, who relocated here from California. I've been online friends with George for over a year, having connected via his fabulous website -

We arrived at 11 am and it turned out that Stu was the only one who had eaten breakfast. Stu and I ordered a cup of the soup of the day, Chad got the soup in their trademark bread bowl and George ordered the cup of soup and half sandwich.

Not sure how we managed to keep talking through the delicious food. Soon we decided it was time for desert with Stu being the abstainer. I got my usual apple strudel, George got a decadent chocolate cake (he asked for the richest, sweetest thing they had in the case) and Chad got something that we never learned the name for but everyone fell in love with. Here's a photo of George getting ready for his bite of Chad's desert.

We continued to chat until well after 4 pm - what a delightful day, both the food and the company. Our topics ranged from writing to pets to apartments to weather to back in the US to food to exercise to movies to The Church Lady to computers/printers to...well, you get the idea! LOL!

Tomorrow I'll post the photos I took on the way to meet up with new friends, George and Chad. We know we'll be seeing them again!

Where is your favorite spot to meet new folks here in Cuenca?
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