Friday, May 30, 2014

He's leaving me! Just kidding...somewhat

Stu leaves tomorrow to head back to Maryland for the birth of his youngest's baby girl. She is due June 4th, hoping she can wait for him to arrive LATE Sunday night. I can't wait to see little Waverly, so glad we have both Facetime and Skype working.

He plans to stay about three weeks but that is open ended until the baby is born and both mother and daughter are okay. He'll see the rest of his family and friends while there.

He's already "muling" back a lot of items that we have ordered, including my laser printer. Lots of long sleeved shirts, a few fleece vests, some food items we can't get here, etc.

Last night I read about a $200 off special on the 13" MacBook Pro and we pulled the trigger on TWO of them. Not sure he'll be able to bring both back but we hope so since we have read we can bring one new and one used computer back into Ecuador. The nice thing is for $300 more, each, than the base model I was going to buy, we get twice the memory and quadruple the disk space.

Happy campers...well, for now. The learning curve may be interesting. I've already started a list of comparable software for the programs I use, have to get back to that now so I'm prepared.

Most of the time he is gone I will be working on book three of my Klondike Mystery Novels. If you haven't read them yet, might want to grab the first one, Not a Whisper, and see how you like it. You'll also want to download the FREE Klondike Kompanion, interviews with some of the characters.

I'll leave with a shot of two adorable little girls who posed for us at Mall del Rio a while ago. The kids here are so gorgeous, dark eyes and wide smiles!

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