Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Walking in Cuenca

I know we've mentioned how careful you have to be when walking anywhere here in Cuenca. The sidewalks leave much to be desired, as you can see by the photos below.

Expats wear good walking shoes - sneakers, hiking shoes or sturdy sandals with straps (flip-flops are really dangerous here). But the local women seem to have no problem tottering around in stiletto heels. We've yet to figure out how they manage and never seem to lose their balance.

But even then, imagine our surprise when we saw these in a store window today. I can't seriously believe anyone would wear these - maybe a new kind of art?

Here are some photos I've taken over time showing the state of Cuenca's sidewalks - and some are worse than this!

Many of our friends have joined the "Cuenca Clutz Club", you can see why!

Ciao for now!
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