Sunday, April 5, 2015

Vacation in the Galapagos - Daily Excursions Part 2

...continued from Excursions - part one

WARNING: Photo intensive blog ahead!

Day three arrived and we all loaded up for the next adventure. We headed off "somewhere", I was lost by now, and walked like FOREVER, a lot of it UPHILL, in the HEAT, to where you could climb DOWN to swim/snorkel in a lagoon and then climb UP to climb DOWN again and go back to the beach to swim some more.

By the time we got back for lunch, I was done from the heat as well as tweaking my right knee, so I opted out of the afternoon of visiting the lava tunnels and tortoises but Stu took some great photos.

Now day four, the BIG day.
Full Day Isabela & Concha Perla: Morning departure to take a yacht that will lead us towards Isabela Island. Where the most attractive parts of the island visited, return to Pto. Ayora tour at the end of the afternoon.
We loaded up on a boat to head to a bigger boat that would take us to the island of Isabella. We did some historical exploration then relaxed on the beach or snorkeling/swimming. Great day! We saw sea lions, marine iguanas and even penguins swimming in the water. The only miss was no BOOBIES. Stu had to console himself with a Blue-footed Boobie t-shirt.

Ciao for now!
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