Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Life goes on....

Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to blog about. Our daily life has fallen into a bit of a routine. We sleep till we wake up, Stu usually by 7am and me by 9am. Breakfast, check emails and Facebook, watch a few videos and then decide what to do the rest of the day. Meet new friends, meet old friends, eat out, take a walk, go shopping.

See? Our day here isn't all that different from retirement in the US. Well, except we spend a LOT less on food. Here are two photos to give you an idea of our fruit and veggie costs when we buy at the mercados.

$7 worth of fruit
$12.55 worth of fruit, veggies, jar of honey and a bag of pasta (not shown)
We are in the rainy season now and this means some amazing sunsets and rainbows. Here are a few of the shots we've taken recently.

This past weekend we had a LOT of rain and the rivers were high and fast. This is a 20x zoom photo of the river 1/2 block from us, the Tomebamba. The Yanancuy was the same in two surrounding towns, Paute and Gauleco, the rivers overflowed their banks and flooded the streets.

Shopping - found this adorable Blue-Footed Boobie mobile/wind chime for $5 in El Centro. Stu hung it just outside our door - no breezes but I love to see it when we come home.

We also finally decided to try some local bagels once we realized they would deliver. Stu couldn't get enough of the smell - cinnamon raisin!

The bagels are really good, even without cream cheese (okay, Stu wants that but I'm fine with butter) and we will be ordering them again.

So, that's life at 8400ft - GOOD!

Ciao for now!
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