Friday, April 10, 2015

CAUTION! Handyman at work.

Stu loves to play handyman and fortunately, he's very good at it. Recently, he had two major projects to tackle.

The first was mounting the lamp we bought at Rotary Market last week. We needed more light over the kitchen sink and thought this would help.

He got it hung, after testing how much it blinded me in various spots, ran wiremold for the cord, installed a small push-button on/off switch and voila! We now have a great over the sink light that is soft and yet works. I love it (and I love the color).

The other was a little bigger. In their infinite wisdom, when they pre-wired the apartments for Directv and Etapa Internet, they used two different walls. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but since we use a Roku 3 for streaming most of our TV, this meant we were connecting the Roku wirelessly to the router. In our old apartment, they were direct connected.

So in an effort to improve the speed of the service, Stu opted to use wiremold and a 50 ft telephone extension cord ($6.78 at our local hardware store) to accomplish this feat. Now the corner by my chair is much neater (no UPS taking up lots of floor space - it is now in the under TV cabinet), the signal is much better and the cords behind the TV are no longer a snarling mass of wires.

Here are some before, in progress, and completed photos of my wonderful hubby getting it done!

BEFORE - next to my chair:


LOOK CLOSE: wiremold run along baseboard, up wall, across ceiling:


Ciao for now!
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