Sunday, April 5, 2015

Vacation in the Galapagos - Heading Home

...continued from Excursions - part two

Day five, we packed up to leave, ate our last breakfast and loaded into the bus to head to the airport. Oh yeah, this meant to water taxi/luggage toss in reverse. We had no problems at the airport, even had time to enjoy an ice cream (or for me, a bag of potato chips) before finally boarding to head back to Guayaquil where our mini-bus awaited us. Oh, nice extra, our travel agent at CATSA, Bryan Vidal, upgraded us to first class! I had a window seat so snagged a few photos as we left the Galapagos.

The bus ride home was comfortable, we stopped for dinner and then each of us got dropped off at our door - nice since it was dark and raining. A great vacation but it felt good to be home!

We loved the Galapagos and it's hard to choose when we would go again. The "summer/warmer" months are easier for scuba diving. The seas are calmer. So I suspect we will return in May/June in a year or two.

While our package was a GREAT deal for the money, many prefer to book their own hotel and then grab excursions at 50% or more off by booking the day before or of the excursion. As I said above, we do plan to go back and we will have a much better idea of what to expect. We will tailor the vacation to our needs with lots of scuba excursions for Stu and maybe 1-2 land excursions for me (or both of us).

Not enough photos? I took well over 500, you can view them all in our three SmugMug Albums.

Ciao for now!
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