Friday, December 26, 2014

The day after....

The day after Christmas...

We decided to take a jaunt into El Centro today and get in some walking steps. The bus was close to full but not completely but when we arrived in El Centro, it was definitely quieter than a normal Friday. We walked for a bit, stopped in the artisan mall where I negotiated the purchase of 30 small tagua turtles for my sister-in-law and her friend. They will be putting them on pendants.

Last year there was a beautiful display of nativity scenes using recycled materials. This year's display was a little different. When I took this photo I noticed to clock over the door of the shop behind the display. Thought you might get a giggle out of it.

More walking, you never know what you might see - like this green giant, and then we stopped in at Don Colon's for a cup of coffee. It's a great place for people watching as well as listening to my favorite flute players.

Around the corner we went, through the flower market where I picked up a large bouquet for $2. These are so pretty and last so long!

Headed to San Sebastian park to see if the Belgium brewery was open, it wasn't, so down the block to the bus stop and back home. Almost 7,000 steps for the is good!

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