Monday, December 22, 2014

Busy time of year!

I know we've been remiss in keeping the blog updated but it's been pretty hectic since our return 6 weeks ago. Now that we are both feeling better, there is so much to do and see as Christmas approaches. That means we are often out and about all day, enjoying the season.

During our exploratory trip in the spring of 2013, we spent a lot of time walking past Otorongo plaza where our favorite restaurant was located. Since then we seen music concerts, bicycle races, artisan craft shows and even the replica car for the future Tranvia. Now it's all decorated for Christmas. When I was there about 10 days ago, I got some shots of them delivering and setting up the plaza. Now it's up and at night it's lit up brightly.

A nice walk along the Tomebamba from Otorongo until we reached Parque de la Madre, our first destination. (Yes, we did climb those stairs but not for a bit...LOL!

We attended a Christmas Market at a local park (parque) and I did take a few photos there. I also bought a pretty handmade ornament for $2.50 that will eventually return to the states with us.

We watched the children playing in the park, including this little one obviously enjoying his ride on the zip-line.

From there we walked into El Centro, where we stopped at Cafe de Ñucallacta for coffee beans and these great little burlap gift bags. One for us and one for my brother in Florida for $2 each.

Then we took a leisurely walk, stopping at Don Colon's for a late lunch, although I had to have their French toast. We chatted with Don for a bit before walking to my favorite artisan shopping spot, only to find they were closed. You never know what you might see on the streets here...

Life is good!

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