Sunday, December 28, 2014

BBQ in Cuenca: Joe's Secret Garden

Our only visit to Joe's Secret Garden, half a block from our apartment building, was for Thanksgiving. We enjoyed it and often watch the Saturday crowd from our windows. A bit pricey for an every week visit, when they sent out the mailing for this week's dinner...well, read for yourself.

Yeah, it was a no brainer. We arrived around 5:45, got our drinks and I snapped a few photos.

The food was delicious and we had great company at our table, two gals I had friended on Facebook before their move here. They arrived while we were in the states and this was the first chance we had been able to meet.

Funny thing, they were from Memphis as is Joe Sr. They had a blast talking about areas and people they both knew. Yup, small world! Thanks for wonderful conversation, Pat & Dale!
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