Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A fun outing!

Monday started with lots on our To Do list. Stu got up early and finished the chicken broth and I got to take photo of the chicken head. Yup, when you buy a whole chicken here you get head and feet. Have to admit, it makes delicious broth for me to use in soups. You can tell this guy was simmering all night in the crock pot. ;)

Then it was time to head to the bus that would take us to Popacuchu where Stu bought two more loaves of their delicious Christmas bread (which makes excellent French toast - will be our Christmas day breakfast treat). While he was doing that, I dropped off a load of things at Hearts of Gold for my friend to pick up and take to the CETAP-LUCY school.

That done we walked the mile and a half down to La Yunta for our outing for the day. We did this back in August and loved it. Today was no different, just a smaller group. We got to meet new friends and old, about a dozen folks in all. After some Pacari chocolate tasting and a glass of bubbly, we headed off to Juana Vintimilla Gardens where, once again, I took too many photos. Here are a few, you can see them all in our SmugMug album.

Most folks bought some plants, I opted out this time. My two succulent gardens I got in August are doing great. Our van driver loaded all the plants in the back and we headed off the the original La Yunta store and restaurant.

We all wandered around the shop and then settled in for a traditional Ecuadorian Christmas dinner. Yumm...sorry, forgot to take any photos, too busy eating! This was our menu:
  • ROMPOPE (traditional Cuencano Christmas cocktail)
  • TAMAL DE MAIZ with pork
  • Served with Christmasmas rice, creamy potatoes and red cabbage salad
  • White and dark chocolate mousse

A delightful afternoon was had by all. We managed to snag a taxi home and in less than an hour, I was out for a 45 minute nap. Having fun is hard work!
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