Monday, August 11, 2014

La Yunta & Juana Vintimilla Gardens Outing

The end of July we went on another outing. Our friends Soledad and Jim run sort of an Ecuadorian Cracker Barrel about 7km outside of town. We had been there early in our move here and had visited their new in-town store as well (no restaurant there). They sell furniture and other decor items as well as food products. They are the folks that got my sofa slide table for me! (We still love it).

Back to the story, we all met at the in-town store, about 18-20 folks, shared some bubbly and snacks as we looked at their latest offerings. Soon the bus arrived and we all piled in. We sat in the back with the "kool kids" including our friends Jaci & Micki.

Before we knew it, we were at Juana Vintimilla Gardens. Several of the folks had been there before and raved about it. A gorgeous setting with an amazing variety of flowers and other plants. I took a gazillion photos and have been assured the next time I visit I will see completely different views. You can see them all in my SmugMug album but here are a few to whet your appetite.

I finally made it into the sale area and fell in love with the planters full of succulents. These will easily survive our two months in the states. Knowing how expensive these are in the US, I asked the price. The ones in the clay planters were $6 and the ones in the glass bowls were $8. Um, I'll take one of each please?

On our way out I noticed this funny guy and had to snap a photo!

Oh yeah, and Stu loved this car!

We climbed back into the bus for the rest of the ride to La Yunta. Once there we all browsed the store, sampled foods, made purchases and finally sat down to eat. What a great day! We will definitely do this again!

Last pic was taken from the bus window...finally snagged my own cooking pig!

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