Friday, December 5, 2014

Holiday Craft (Bazaar) Fair

Christmas will be here before we know it (no, I'm NOT counting down the days) and there have been announcements of several craft sales here in Cuenca. We attended one today (and may attend tomorrow's as well) and came out with a few purchases, a good lunch and a meet up with many friends.

Here are a few photos of the setup at Common Grounds, a local eatery/bar. Side note, they are moving on the 8th to a new location and STILL managed to serve delicious meals.

Stu did the most purchasing, suprise-surprise! He got a jar of salsa, apple butter and baked beans! The folks making and selling these remembered meeting us on the red tour bus - A YEAR AGO! He also taste tested several chocolate offerings and settled on a small bag of semi-sweet dark chocolate. For me, I found a gorgeous beaded necklace that perfectly matches a pair of earrings I already had. Doing the happy for me dance!

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?
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