Monday, May 11, 2015

Friday Food and Friends at Domesan

Shopping Bag clip artFriday, at Domesan Restaurant, we met a friend we had made last December at an artisan show. Tiago Bedón is the artist behind the designs. He is not only talented, but hard working. Not satisfied with selling the puzzles and pillows with his designs, he partnered with his girlfriend, Meg, and they now manufacture Uma brand scarves, named after their rescue pup, Uma.

Infinity scarves with a hidden pocket are all the rage for travelers. Here in Cuenca, everyone wears scarves, regardless of weather. The scarves let you carry and yet keep hidden your passport, cedula, money, keys, bus pass, etc.

Other scarves available online are typically in generic colors. Tiago and Meg utilize Ecuadorian patterns and colors. Needless to say, I got one. Actually, I got two! Currently priced at $25 each, they are extremely competitive. This Etsy company is selling theirs for $52 and the one I found on Amazon is $30.

The business is Enlatados Design and this is their web page on Facebook.

While enjoying lunch at Domesan with these two entrepreneurs, we ran into friend Sara Coppler, publisher of Zero Latitude magazine. We made the introductions and Sara snapped a photo of her friend, Linda, looking over the scarves with Tiago.

She also snapped a photo of us all looking at the latest issue for Zero Latitude.

We plan to see Tiago and Meg on Saturday at the artisan fair in El Centro. I hope they sell out all their scarves!

Ciao for now!
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