Friday, May 15, 2015

Next Door Day Care - Celebration!

Kids With Hats clip artWe've mentioned before that we have a day care center beside our building. We love hearing the little ones outside playing, usually between 10am and noon.

From time to time they have a celebration activity and we get to enjoy it. The last one was at Christmas and while we watched them set things up and practice, we missed the actual event.

A week ago, we watched the workers carrying in the parts of the stage and get things set up. So we knew something was going to be happening on Friday.

We were right! By noon the chairs were filled and it was standing room only as the show began. The started with the littlest, some not even walking yet. Each group progressed in age as did their participation level. We also notice that each group was representing a specific color. At the very end they all came out and sang together. Quite a spectacle!

Here are two short videos I snagged...


Ciao for now!
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