Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Saturday in El Centro, more food and friends!

Coffee clip art
Saturday we headed out to El Centro with our first stop being Cafe Nucallacta for lunch. It's also our favorite coffee stop and where we buy our beans for grinding.

Stu opted for the Burrito Mojado (wet burrito) that I had last time and I opted for the Greek Salad. We were both quite pleased, especially me. I'd been craving a Greek Salad for months! We ran into several friends there and chatted a bit before heading to our next stop.

We ran into more friends on the walk just down the street to the Todos Santos church. For weeks we've heard about the Puro Cafe behind the church. Good coffee spot with an amazing view. Well, on Saturday there was an artisan show going on with not just crafts but food and wine (with tasting). Who could resist? We knew our friends, Tiago and Meg, would be there, selling their goods.

We enjoyed viewing all the wares from everyone as well as running into another dozen or so folks we knew. Seems as though everyone was shopping - of course the gorgeous sunny day helped.

We found Tiago (Meg was off getting lunch at Subway) and chatted for a minute. He had sold all but TWO of his scarves. Made us both happy! As we walked around the event, Tiago found us and surprised me with a little Mothers day gift - another pillow from his collection. LOVE IT!

Here a few photos of my pillow, the event and the cafe.

[Remember, click any image for a larger view.]

We decided to walk down to the river and up to Magnolia Caffe for the coffee we never got earlier. We hadn't seen the "Broken Bridge" since its repair, it was nice to see it completed. At the bottom of the stairs, under the bridge was a small art gallery. Some beautiful works there!

We walked along the river, savoring the perfect weather, while I snapped a few shots here and there.

We arrived at Magnolia Caffe to see the new VW bus the owner, Simon Cordero, had purchased and was restoring. Sweet ride!!

Since several hours had passed since lunch, we both decided to have a little dessert with our coffee. Stu got apple pie and I got passionfruit cheesecake. Yummy!!

We sat outside enjoying the weather and the view (great spot to people watch). This little tyke came up with his father, racing along on his little bicycle as fast as his two tiny feet could move (no pedals). He was smiling and laughing, I had to get his photo - made my day!

A short walk to the bus stop and back home. A fantastic day!

Ciao for now!
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