Thursday, June 26, 2014

Yesterday was a BIG day!

We even spent $14 (total) for two shirts to show our support for Ecuador in the World Cup. Who'd ever think we'd be watching Fútbol! Ecuador held their own against one of the giants, France, for a tie but it wasn't enough to keep them in the game. Now we can root for the US.

Many folks were at the malls and other areas with big screen televisions...this was the mall we use, Mall del Rio, shortly before the game began. They have a HUGE big screen in the food court area. Oh, the President also let all government employees off at 2:30 to enjoy the game and many businesses followed suit.


  1. I've been behind on blog reading! You two just love having 'exotic' fun! Your smiles say it all... :)

  2. "Exotic fun" tickled my funny bone and caused all kinds of visual fantasies. LOL

  3. Here's a joke for you.

    "A German guy asked me how many World Cups we'd won.

    I responded with "How many World Wars have you won"?"


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