Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I got it! My custom made sofa slide table!!

A few weeks ago a local business that is about 7 km outside of Cuenca advertised they were opening a shop in town. In the comments I posted a photo of a slide-under sofa table that I wanted. I've had several over the years and they come in so handy.

Imagine my surprise when I got an email letting me know they would have one for me to look at soon. I asked if they could do it in a dark stain and they said sure. The price was right and I anxiously waited for its arrival.

Well, it's here and I absolutely love it! I works as a side table for my side of the sofa as well as a slide-under table. The top even folds down!

Thank you, Sole, for all your help in making this table EXACTLY the way I needed it!

La Yunta
Ave 1 de Mayo 2-73 and Pasaje 1 de Mayo
Panamericana Sur KM7. Sector Zhucay Via a Tarqui, 01-03-072, Cuenca, Ecuador
+593 7-248-5224


  1. You have to love the quality craftsmanship that comes out of these "third world" workshops! What a beautiful table!

  2. That is just beautiful and so functional. You did great and they did awesome!

  3. Happy for you! That looks great!

  4. Thanks everyone! I've used it every day, either at the end of the sofa or slid underneath. Love it!!


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