Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Getting ready to move!

Yesterday we went to see our actual apartment after the previous tenant moved out this past weekend. These first photos are from the landlord's father's apartment with the exact same layout.

This apartment is two floors directly above ours, same layout/size. And no, there is NO diswasher in our unit...we supply all appliances. LOL! Oh, as always, click any photo to see a larger image.

These photos are from the recently vacated apartment that will be ours, currently being painted, cleaned and any needed repairs done. Can't believe I forgot to take a photo of the master bedroom and bath. Cheated and used the master bath photo from the above apt. The master has a nice room darkening roman style window cover that we bought from the previous tenant. The other windows will eventually get sheers.

We will have a huge open living - dining - kitchen great room area. The three bedrooms are a bit smaller but we are pretty sure we can fit our king bed in the master, queen in one guest room and queen iffy in the third. Plan B will be queen in our room, main guest room and our single+ in the smaller guest room. It will all work out. We also have permission to put bigger, nicer mirrors in all three bathrooms (all FULL - yup, three showers).

The views from all the rooms are wonderful...a ton of windows in the main living area lets us see the city and the mountains around us. I have a window that opens over the kitchen sink (my only UGH is the size of the round sinks) so I can see the city. Then there is the full rooftop terrace! Oh my!! We can't wait to see the city lit up at night and watch the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

Many of the apartments have a bench or truck outside their doors, a place to sit things down when you unlock the door maybe. Since we have FOUR benches, one will be painted for just that purpose! As it stands now we will be busy PACKING most days. We get our keys the morning of July 2nd and will be meeting with our mover this afternoon to confirm a price and hopefully set up to move that afternoon.

When we left the apartment yesterday, we walked to the end of our street, around the corner to our bank. Just up the street is the Supermaxi we prefer as well. We will be going more often and buying less since we will be walking there and back. A bit longer is the walk to our primary care doctor and our pharmacy (although our landlords also own a pharmacy and we can have next day delivery) as well as the BIG mercado, Feria Libre. From our apartment we can head the opposite direction and quickly find us in El Centro. At the end of our street is the Rio Tomebamba which is the river that ran behind our temporary apartment where we stayed on our exploratory visit. Stu is looking forward to riding his bicycle as well as walking along the river.

So what are we doing now?

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