Monday, June 9, 2014

More bus adventures!

For the last almost 6 months we have taken bus #7 and get off at Doce de Abril just across from Otorongo Plaza or further down close to Solano. I get on the bus Saturday with a list of things to do, ending the list at MegaHierro, Kwyi and SuperMaxi (all in one local area).

Enjoying the sun and sharing some candy with the lady beside me, I suddenly realize that we aren't going to Doce de Abril at all, we have passed it. I keep watching stops and realize I might as well ride it to past the airport and start at the end of my list.

The locals always seem to know when a bus route changes, not sure how, no one seemed bothered or disturbed and they all seemed to know where to get off.

I suspect this is a permanent change because the automated voice had all the new stops. BUT it could have been a one day thing due to street closures for multiple parades in town.

Ahhhh, always an adventure riding the bus in Ecuador!

The rest of the day was good other than terrible traffic, always a Saturday issue, and my walking over ten unnecessary blocks (each way, so 20 in total). I managed to get to rotary market and get a bargain on more string balls to finish my basket, from there to the hippy market for more jewelry gifts, then up to San Sebas for a late lunch (after my 20 extra blocks).

I was refreshed enough to walk a little more and walk over to Casa de la Mujer to see if my weaver was in (he wasn't) before finally grabbing a taxi home.

Yes, it was a good day! Here are a few photos...

My taxi was following the truck overflowing with this load.
Each bundle is roped together. This was just after they were dropped off.

I bought a small basket for sewing stuff, $2.50!

The strawberries are looking good but she tried to Gringo me an extra dollar so I didn't buy.
Baskets getting disbursed, pile getting smaller
Cutest little boy I've seen today!
Blood Collection Drive
Hot and red-faced after my 20 extra blocks walked.
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