Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

First, sending out HAPPY FATHER'S DAY wishes to all the dads, granddads, great-granddads, foster dads, step-dads and anyone taking the place of a dad. Enjoy your day!

Stu will be home this Wednesday and I hope he enjoys his Father's Day gift. A bicycle! He's been talking about getting one but they are either super expensive ($500+) or ultra-cheap quality (Coral for $100).

Early last week as I walked to a friend's to drop off something for her to mail while in the US (yeah, found out a day after Stu left) I saw a bicycle in a shop window for $150. It looked fairly new but I didn't take time to stop because I was on a schedule.

Later in the week I went on the hunt for the shop, only remembering I found it when I took the wrong street as I looked for my friend's place. I walked for blocks and blocks, no luck. Stopped for a much needed lunch and decided to try again, taking the exact route I had taken the first time.

Luck was with me - I found it! I snapped a photo of it and the price and a photo of the shop. Errr, well, funeral parlor. Errr, well, they sold coffins...LOL! I then ran the photo past Stu to be sure it was something he was interested in before calling our friend Emilio to have him contact them and see if they were negotiable on the price.

He got a slight reduction in the price and we went to pick it up on Monday. It now sits in our guest room (the utility room is still full with my bench being refinished). I know he's looking forward to trying it out on the trail alongside the Yanuncay river.

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