Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The rest of February....

I know, late again. But really, it's been an extraordinarily BUSY month. Honest! Here is a bit of a photo journey to prove it...

Stu went to Florida for his retired Firefighter reunion.
Stu stopped in to see my brother & his wife before heading to Key Largo for some scuba diving.
While he was gone, I got sick but was finally well enough to attend a Newcomer luncheon at Don Colon's Restaurant.
I had to visit Mall del Rio to pay our Internet, Telephone & Health Insurance. While there I finally got a good photo of this tag on a sweatshirt.
Valentine's Day brought flowers to almost every street corner.
Stu arrived home on Valentine's Day with this beautiful bouquet.
We met up with some motorcycle friends as well as a local, great lunch at Don Colon's.
Our favorite 2-story artisan shop is closed for renovations so many of them have set up shop alongside the cathedral, opposite Don Colon's.
More artisans....
Another meet 'n greet with Moe and her mom, Winnie. Moe plans to move to Ecuador and Winnie will visit during the frigid Boston winters.
A little excitement at the end of our street...glad I have a camera with a good zoom!
The flowers lasted almost two weeks, blooming beautifully!
A new print magazine was launched in town, you might recognize the name at the bottom?
The launch party for the magazine...over 500 people attended. It was a nice mix of locals and expats with several news media folks as well.
So yes, it's been a busy month. Oh, and I've gone to yoga almost every Monday and Friday, written a short story for an anthology to benefit a friend, helped 4-5 friends look for a new apartment, attended a steering committee meeting for a writing conference, started my own writing group, "Writing Our World (in Cuenca)", created a newsletter and website for that AND created the start of a website for our good friend, Simon Cordero, for his restaurant and jewelry business at Magnolia Caffe.

I think it's time for a nap!
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