Saturday, February 14, 2015

Feliz Fiestas (Carnaval & Valentine's Day)

Not that Ecuador ever needs a reason for celebration, but today, Feb 14th, we have two! First is the one most Americans know, Valentine's Day. They do celebrate it here in Ecuador as well, it's called Feliz día de San Valentín. And since the country is known for its flowers, well, you can just imagine.

I walked to our local grocery store and there were several folks set up to sell flowers by the bouquet or a more formal arrangement.

But at the same time the locals are celebrating Carnaval and the same folks selling flowers are probably selling cans of spray foam. Water balloons, water soaker sprayers and cans of foam are the weapons and anyone out on the streets (especially in El Centro) is at their mercy. So what can you do? Simple. Stay home or join in as my good friends, mother & daughter Pat & Dale did.

Banks and government offices are closed until Wednesday and many other local businesses will close on Monday and Tuesday, although many workers have to show up on two Saturdays to make up for it.

There will be parades, concerts and more all weekend long. Wanna party? C'mon down!

Oh, and last night I was awakened at 3 am by the sound of LOUD singing. I looked out the bedroom window and there was a van with the doors open and at least six men outside singing loudly. VERY loudly. Knowing they were serenading for a sweetheart or maybe just for Carnaval, I closed my window, turned on the fan and went back to sleep. Feliz Fiesta!
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