Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spices in Spanish
A friend here in Ecuador recently published a link to a page that listed the names of common spices in English and Spanish. I remember our first shopping trip when I was trying to find just salt and pepper, then some cinnamon and cloves.

So here it is for anyone who can use it!

Allspice / Pimienta Gorda
Anise / Anís
Basil / Albahaca
Bay Leaves / Laurel
Black pepper / Pimienta Negra
Capers / Alcaparra
Caraway / Alcaravea
Chamomile / Manzanilla
Chervil / Cerafolio
Chives / Cebolleta
Cinnamon / Canela
Cardamom / Cardamomo
Cloves / Clavo
Comfrey / Confrey
Coriander / Cilantro
Cumin / Comino
Dill / Eneldo
Fennel / Hinojo
Garlic / Ajo
Ginger / Jengibre
Marjoram / Mejorano
Mustard / Mostaza
Nutmeg / Nuez Moscada
Onion / Cebolla
Oregano / Orégano
Paprika / Pimentón
Parsley / Perejil
Peppermint / Menta
Poppyseed / Adormidera
Rosemary / Romero
Saffron / Azafrán
Sage / Salvia
Savory / Saturega
Sesame Seed / Ajonjolí
Spearmint / Yerba Buena
Tarragon / Estragón
Thyme / Tomillo
Tumeric / Cúrcuma
Vanilla / Vanilla
Wintermint / Axocopaque

That said, many folks like to bring in less common spices as well as mixes that they were used to. We brought in large containers (Sam's Club) of Mrs. Dash Original and Old Bay. You won't find chili powder or taco seasoning here, so we also brought a large container of dark chili powder. Because some of the spices are milder (blander), we also brought cumin (readily available here) and cinnamon (also readily available).

Salt is easy to get but it has no iodine in it so we also opted to bring in a container of Morton's salt with iodine. We don't use a lot but we also don't eat a lot of things that might provide the iodine. I have thyroid issues and felt this was the best thing for us to do.

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