Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hardship? Round 2 - Sojo Spa

Ask any woman what the toughest thing to do while traveling or after moving and she will tell you it's finding a new hairdresser. Even worse than a gynecologist! I've moved a LOT over the years and having spent over six years as a full-time RVer (living by traveling year round), I can truly attest to that.

So when it was time to get a haircut and a pedicure (my last ones were on our cruise in the middle of December), I asked for recommendations from the local expats. One name came up consistently, over and over again. Sojo Spa.

I booked an appointment on their Facebook page and today was my appointment day. I arrived maybe ten minutes early but they were ready for me. Diego got me seated, feet in the warm bubbling water and massage turned on in the chair, while Jessica got me a glass of cool water.

An hour later my feet were soft and colorful and I moved over to get my haircut. First step was Jessica, who does the manicures I believe, and she efficiently washed my hair. Side note, having arthritis in my neck, I greatly appreciated the chairs with the high sinks...much more comfortable.

Then Armando, the owner who spent over 22 years in Chicago and his English was excellent (much better than my Spanish, but I kept practicing) asked me what I needed in a cut.. He quickly understood what I wanted, did an excellent cut, dried it, trimmed it and then sent me off to Jessica to rinse out all the tiny little hairs that always remain when short hair is cut. Then he dried it again!

It's short but that's a good thing - less bed head in the mornings. LOL!

So once again, no hardships here! Oh, and the cost for my over an hour of pampering? $20 - and that would have included a free manicure if I had wanted one (special going on right now).

For any Cuenca folks reading our blog - please stop in to say hello and book an appointment at Sojo Spa.

Diego, Jessica & Armando

You won't be disappointed!

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