Friday, February 7, 2014

Feet back on the ground!

Thanks to Stu's wonderful care, I was back on my feet by Wednesday. I had a small outing, attending a weekly ladies lunch at Popacuchu Cafe about a mile up the road from us. We had met the owners while out walking shortly before my fall and I was happy to have an excuse to try them out.

The lunch was great, I met many new lady friends and had a wonderful meal. Since Popacuchu Cafe is located beside the office for the Hearts of Gold Foundation, I brought the dozen copies of "What Do I Count" (my children's rhyming book) to donate as well as my personal donation of the proceeds of all the sales to date for the book.

After the luncheon I took a taxi to Supermaxi for groceries and ran into the nicest couple, Mike and Lessie from North Carolina. They are retired teachers and he also writes mysteries. Stu and I both look forward to meeting up with them in the future.

Yesterday we took a taxi into El Centro with the intention of getting our new Banco Pichincha ATM/debit cards. My fall had delayed us in picking them up but alas, we forgot to bring out ORIGINAL Cedulas and have to return another day. Oh well, the weather was gorgeous and we headed into the historic downtown.

First stop was Cafe de Ñucallacta where we wanted to pick up more coffee beans. This shop was just getting established when we were here last May and the reviews have been amazing. While there we ran into good friends Bo and Linda. They were chatting with some blog followers, Frank and Sonia.

They all had to leave and we proceeded to get our coffee beans before heading off to get the copies of our Cedulas laminated to carry with us all the time. It is rare we will need the originals and it is a bit of a pain to replace them, so copies 'r us!

More walking and a great lunch at a new place, Santorino's. They advertised a wide variety of lunch specials but we both ended up ordering off the menu. I got a meatball sub that was delicious!! And it came with veggies...great for $4.50. Stu ordered a breaded chicken Parmesan sandwich and he said it was very good, too. He got veggies as well. We will definitely go back.

We meandered towards the other end of El Centro, keeping an eye out for a place to get copies of keys made and ended up at San Sebas for a cup of coffee before heading home. Lo and behold but who do we run into but Frank and Sonia from this morning. Another 30 minutes of chatter...great folks!

All in all a great day!

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