Monday, February 17, 2014

Hardship? Popacuchu Cafe Splurges!

Some may think we are experiencing hardships here in Ecuador. Well, we'll let you decide....

A new shop has opened about a mile from our home and we've now walked up it twice (but I've been there three times, once for lunch). They have a daily soup, great salads and sandwiches but their main offering is pastries. Sweets to die for!

The name is Popacuchu and you really should take time to read how the name came about as well as a little more about Pete and Michelle. We met the owners while walking on the Yanuncay River walking trail one day but had to delay our first visit due to my fall. Pete runs things and Michelle does the baking...oh my, THE BAKING!

Enough are some photos we took.

This was our second visit, on a Sunday afternoon, accompanied by live music. We didn't lick the plates but we were tempted!

Yeah, real hardships....LOL! We're sure glad we get to walk a little over two miles up and back....


  1. I have a question about the coffee. They say if you have ever had a fresh pineapple, freshly cut from the field, you would find it incredible and nothing like what we buy in the store. Is that true about the coffee and beans you get there, like on a whole different level of delicious? Jan

    1. All I know is the coffee here is REALLY good! ;)


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