Sunday, February 23, 2014

A little decorating around the house....

We have a large apartment with BIG WHITE walls and light tile floors. That means we need to add color any way we can. Pillows, throws and wall decorations. We obviously are on a budget so are always on the lookout for inexpensive ways to put something on the walls, both for color and sound deadening.

In our bedroom we initially hung one of our Artesa plates over our bed since there was already a nail there. (We have plaster walls so we don't want to add a lot of unnecessary holes to be patched.) It was a stop gap measure and one of our readers pointed out that we might want to move it just in case it ever dropped off the wall onto our heads! We did find a better wall for it.

Here is what it looked like with the plate and still using our guest mattress as our box springs.

Fast forward to a metal bedframe we found for under $300 delivered and a comparison of the blank wall our my new find - metal drapery rod for $16.05, handmade tablecloth for $25.

Amazing what a little color can do! I really like it in the evening when the bedside lamps are softly glowing.

Here are some other photos of how we're for larger images.

This is a shawl I bought on our first trip. The bench will eventually be painted in bright colors.
Biggest splurge, even on sale. From Artesa...same place as our dishes.

First item bought...last August via email with a friend. Love my rocker!
Yes, this is now hanging over our bed. Bench will be painted bright colors.

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