Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We'll be in Cuenca, Ecuador in two weeks!!!

We're working through our To Do list, only two MAJOR things left. Tomorrow we get the RV checked out and discuss bringing it over the Friday before we fly to Ecuador and leave it there for a month. One thing we need to be sure is that we can leave our Freightliner there as well.

The other big thing is taking our pup, Sadie, to visit her possible foster home. We need to see if she can get along with the aged Black Lab (female) that lives there. If they get along, she will be well taken care of. If not, well then we need to kennel her for a month. We have a good place but two weeks has been the longest she has ever stayed. Then there is the cost...eek!

We saw our primary care doctor today and got our written Rx scripts for all our meds. This will enable us to be sure they are all available in Ecuador if we decide to make the move. It also protects us if something were to happen to our meds while vacationing.

We still have a lot of little things to do but there is still time...top of the list, I need a haircut. LOL!

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