Friday, April 5, 2013

Look what we found! Compact Travel Safe

We were at the mall yesterday, picking up some zip-off pants for me. As we wandered the store we found the neatest item for a reasonable price. Since we aren't staying in a traditional hotel, we've been worried about how to safely leave our original passports and extra cash in the room.

We've both had portable fire safes but that obviously wouldn't work. One, they are very heavy and two, they are too portable. No imagination I guess.... Then we spotted this. The Compact Safe by SentrySafe. It is lightweight and will easily hold our passports, some cash, credit cards and other valuables. It comes with a cable that attaches inside and is wrapped around something secure outside. Then it's locked with your choice of combination.

Yes, we know that someone can still cut the cable if they really want it. Yes, they could probably smash it. But some prevention is better than none. We're hopeful that we can find a secure spot for it in the room. Just wanted to pass it along in case anyone else was interested.

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