Saturday, March 30, 2013

15 days and counting!!

Oh my, not much more than two weeks before we head to Ecuador for a month. We're both excited and can't wait. Of course there are still lots to get done.
  • Tuesday we see our primary care doctor. We need shot updates, an Rx for Diamox for altitude sickness and a copy of all our current prescriptions.
  • We have to be sure the foster home for our pup, Sadie is going to work, and if not we have to make other arrangements. 
  • We need to contact our financial institutions to be sure we can use our ATM cards.
  • We need to be sure all bills have been paid in advance.
  • Contact Verizon to set up Stu's phone, if possible
  • Get change for the trip ($5s, $1s, quarters and dimes)
I'm sure there is more but that's it for now.

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  1. Donna, I am sure you have thought of this, but "just in case" besides the altitude sickness meds, I would highly recommend a couple of bottles of Oceans saline solution.

    I hate squirting anything in my nose, but my doctor recommended this product several years ago and it works amazingly well. It keeps the nasal passages moist, when they are dry irritation and pain sets in.

    On a trip to Colorado many years ago I was sick for days simply due to dry sinuses. Now I carry a small bottle of Oceans in my is very handy here in Florida during the dry winter months, it has saved me many hours of painful uncomfortable sinus discomfort.

    I have tried generic versions but keep going back to Oceans as my preferred choice.


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