Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Reading, reading and MORE reading!

I know I've already mentioned several books we've bought and read to help in our research but since I recently bought a couple more, here is a recap.

In order of usefulness FOR US: [Note - the first four are actually tied for first place]

  1. Living and Retiring in Cuenca: 101 Questions Answered
  2. Expats in Ecuador: Life In Cuenca
  3. Becoming an Expat in Cuenca, Ecuador
  4. Why Ecuador? [free pdf file]
  5. Our Ecuador Retirement...The First 8 Months **On sale for $.99 on Feb 6-8, 2014
  6. Why Ecuador for me

We're starting to focus more on learning Spanish but it's a challenge. Sigh... We also have our first Gringo meet and greet set up for April 18th with Len and Sharon. Excited to hear all their input and learn more about their experiences.

33 days and counting!!!

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