Monday, March 18, 2013

Working on our lists....

Our trip is inching closer. Now that we are done with our big Disney trip with our youngest granddaughter,  we have more time to think about our trip prep. We have our doctor appointment set and we'll get paper copies of all our Rx in case we need something while there. I think we're okay on shots. If we were planning on visiting the coast or the rain forest, we'd need something more.

We bought the neatest briefcase bags that allow us to charge multiple items at once. Plus we can leave the phones/tablets inside and just plug the bag in to charge them AND the internal battery. We were so impressed that we ordered the larger capacity battery from the manufacturer and will use the smaller one as a backup.
These will work any time we travel, can't wait to use them. So, our luggage is set as are our briefcases. We're pretty complete on our clothing lists as well as toiletries/OTC meds. We've read blogs, books, forums and groups till our heads are spinning. Now it's time to relax and just let the time flow until we LEAVE!

Spanish? Sigh....still working on it. ;-)

27 days and counting!

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